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 WELCOME to our newest website members, Red Solstice owners Phil & Nancy and Sly GXP owers Ronald & Evelyn

The article on 2017-2019 Board Elections has been published to the Info Tab.  You must be logged in to see who's running.
The membership status of dues paying members, seen in your My PSSC Profile on the lower right User Menu is current as of 12/3.   We will be balloting off our website so once your dues are paid you will see a new menu, at the top, called Board Elections taking you right to the ballot.
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            ACTIVITY   Christmas Angels

                              Interested in becoming a Board Member?

DEC      ACTIVITY    Christmas Party                                    Sat Dec 10th

             ACTIVITY    Wrap it up Soup and Salad                  Sun Dec 18th

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JAN       RIDE           Hangover Run                                         Sun Jan 01st

             ACTIVITY    Annaul Meeting                                       Sun Jan 08th

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Check out the Chase the Sun Run Article and videos from our May Ride.


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OK Phoenix Skys and Sols,...get set to join us for activities, koffees, dinners and drives.  There are several ways to select the activites you wish to participate in. 

1) Click the Upcoming Events Tab at the top of the page to see what events are ready for you to register.
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